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The Statistical Abstract of the United States is the best-known statistical reference publication in the country, and perhaps, the world. You’ll find it behind nearly every reference desk in U.S. libraries as the authoritative go-to source Librarians value the Statistical Abstract as both an answer book (“How much corn is grown in Iowa?”) and a guide to statistical sources (“What organization has the most authoritative data on foreclosures?”). As a comprehensive collection of statistics on the social, political, and economic conditions of the United States, it is a snapshot of America and its people.

New in 2015: Over 40 new tables added on a wide variety of topics, including top 15 cancers, victims of identity theft, workers in science and engineering occupations, young adults living at home, long-term care facilities, and much, much more.

Product Overview

The ProQuest Statistical Abstract is available in both print and online versions. The print version resembles past editions and contain roughly the same number of tables, detailed bibliographic documentation, the back-of-the-book index, and updated introductory sections, plus more, with:

  • Thousands of tables from hundreds of sources and valuable, detailed bibliographic documentation (also in the online edition)
  • Updated introductory sections and back-of-the-book index
  • An 8 ½” x 11” hardcover format instead of the 6” x 9” format of the old government edition. This new sturdy binding is designed to withstand heavy use and frequent photocopying in libraries.
  • Type that’s a full 25% larger than in the old government editions for easy-to-read text and tables.

ProQuest is co-publishing the book with Bernan Press, an imprint of The Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group, Inc.

ProQuest Statistical Abstract online edition is a significant enhancement over the Census Bureau’s online version:

  • Line-item access to tables
  • Updated monthly instead of annually
  • Available as a stand-alone or as a fully integrated part of ProQuest Statistical Insight—with discounts available to current customers
  • Edited by ProQuest’s team of statistical experts

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