Foreign Trade of the United States: Including State and Metro Area Export Data   
This edition of Foreign Trade of the United States provides comprehensive statistical information about U.S. imports and exports of both goods and services; a complete accounting of U.S. international transactions from 1960 to 1999; U.S. exports of goods by destination, and imports by country or region of origin; U.S. exports and imports of agricultural and manufactured goods, and goods trade balances, with nearly 200 countries and country groups; and other related topics.

Data tables display the latest revised annual time series through 1999, and are accompanied by explanatory charts, notes, and definitions. Introductory charts identify the major time trends in aggregate trade since 1960; for goods and services separately, the United States' top 10 trading partners; and the top 10 states and metropolitan areas in terms of U.S. goods exports.

For each state, values of goods exports from 1994 through 1999 are shown cross-classified by destination and industry, and charts identify the major exporting industries. Total goods exports are shown from 1994 through 1999 for over 180 metropolitan areas. In addition, for the largest 43 metropolitan areas, exports are shown classified by industry and by destination.

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Reviews and Recommendations

"Well-designed, with lucidly written background material, this work contains much useful trade data heretofore scattered in many sources…An excellent reference work for students, researchers, and economists, recommended for academic and large public library collections."


"Foreign Trade of the United States contains the most important international trade data from United States government sources assembled into one convenient volume. What makes this book unique, however, is that it is the only print source that includes annual time series data on each state's exported goods by industry, principal regions, or countries of destination.… Foreign Trade is an excellent resource for researchers, entrepreneurs, as well as students, and faculty in business, economics, or international studies.… This reference work would certainly be appropriate for academic and special libraries, as well as those public libraries located in a foreign trade area..."

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