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The Handbook of U.S. Labor Statistics is recognized as an authoritative resource on the U.S. labor force. It continues and enhances the Bureau of Labor Statistics's (BLS) discontinued publication, Labor Statistics. The nineteenth edition allows the user to understand recent developments as well as to compare today's economy with past history.

The Handbook is a comprehensive reference providing an abundance of data on a variety of topics including:

  • employment and unemployment;
  • earnings;
  • prices;
  • productivity;
  • consumer expenditures;
  • occupational safety and health;
  • union membership;
  • international labor comparisons;
  • and much more!M/li>

Features of the publication

In addition to over 225 tables that present practical data, the Handbook provides:

  • introductory material for each chapter that contains highlights of salient data and figures that call attention to noteworthy trends in the data;
  • notes and definitions, which contain concise descriptions of the data sources, concepts, definitions, and methodology from which the data are derived;
  • references to more comprehensive reports which provide additional data and more extensive descriptions of estimation methods, sampling, and reliability measures.

What’s New in the 19th edition

  • A chapter titled Women in the Workforce
  • Recently released employment projections for 2014 through 2024
  • Tables which show the increase in cellular phone spending since 2007 as well as new tables on occupational safety and health
  • New figures on a variety of topics including the percentage of wives who earn more than their husbands and percent distribution of the population by age, 1994 and projected 2024
Also available in eBook format!

Other volumes in the U.S. DataBook Series™ include:

Sample of text in PDF format.
Table of Contents in PDF format.

Reviews and Recommendations

"It is impossible to make sound decisions on tomorrow's economic policy without having thorough knowledge of the trends that have shaped our economy. The great value of the Handbook of U.S. Labor Statistics is that it brings together into one source the data that researchers need to identify and understand those trends."

      —Alan Heston, Professor of Economics, University of Pennsylvania

"The Handbook of U.S. Labor Statistics is comprehensive and well organized. Those interested in our country's changing labor market will find it an excellent, easy-to-use, and rewarding source of information."

      —Janet L. Norwood, former U.S. Commissioner of Labor Statistics

"Accurate data reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics is critical for shaping national labor policy and conducting fair and successful labor negotiations. In this book, Bernan adds value to BLS data by publishing historical data and by selecting data sets that allow logical comparisons and timely analysis... Summing Up: Essential. Business, economics, or labor collections, lower-division undergraduate or higher."

      —CHOICE, 2004

"Although the raw statistical data is available directly from the Bureau of Labor Statistics website, this print version is convenient and easy-to-use, and there is value added by the supporting text and general index."

      —Booklist, September 2013

This 16th edition is timely and useful, with updated chapter topics and new material on topics such as elder care and green jobs, technologies, and practices...Academic audiences should find this handbook most useful, though general readers could benefit as well. Summing Up: Highly recommended. Especially business, economics, or labor collections; lower-division undergraduates and higher.

      —CHOICE, October 2013

“This work is a valuable tool for those needing access to U.S. labor statistics. Its historical approach allows comparisons and trend identification over different time periods. It offers a wide variety of data about labor in the United States all in one place.”

      ARBAonline and American Reference Books Annual 2015

19th Edition, 2016
 Publish Date: 6/30/2016 Binding: Hardcover
 ISBN: 9781598888249  Price: $175.00
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18th Edition, 2015
 Publish Date: 4/23/2015  Collation: 500p. Binding: Hardcover
 ISBN: 9781598887631  Price: $165.00
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17th Edition, 2014
 Publish Date: 6/30/2014  Collation: 525p. Binding: Hardcover
 ISBN: 9781598887006  Price: $165.00
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16th Edition, 2013
 Publish Date: 4/16/2013  Collation: 536p. Binding: Hardcover
 ISBN: 9781598886108  Price: $165.00
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15th Edition, 2012
 Publish Date: 5/29/2012 Binding: Hardcover
 ISBN: 9781598885194  Price: $160.00
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14th Edition, 2011
 Publish Date: 5/17/2011 Binding: Hardcover
 ISBN: 9781598884791  Price: $154.00
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13th Edition, 2010
 Publish Date: 4/24/2010 Binding: Hardcover
 ISBN: 9781598884043  Price: $154.00
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12th Edition, 2009
 Publish Date: 3/17/2009  Collation: 578p. Binding: Hardcover
 ISBN: 9781598883046  Price: $154.00
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Eleventh Edition, 2008
 Publish Date: 5/28/2008  Collation: 489p. Binding: Hardcover
 ISBN: 9781598881806  Price: $154.00
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Tenth Edition, 2007
 Publish Date: 1/22/2007  Collation: 499p. Binding: Hardcover
 ISBN: 9781598880748  Price: $147.00
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Ninth Edition, 2006
 Publish Date: 1/17/2006  Collation: 564p. Binding: Hardcover
 ISBN: 9781598880052  Price: $147.00
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