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A snapshot of America and its people

Published annually by the federal government since 1878, The Statistical Abstract of the United States is the best known statistical reference publication in the country, and perhaps the world. You’ll find it behind nearly every reference desk in U.S. libraries as the authoritative go-to source. Librarians value the Statistical Abstract as both an answer book and a guide to statistical sources. As a comprehensive collection of statistics on the social, political, and economic conditions of the United States, it is a snapshot of America and its people.

In the spring of 2011, the Census Bureau announced that the edition that year would be the last one produced at government expense. Despite protests from librarians and journalists and despite petitions to Congress, the Census Bureau unit that published the Statistical Abstract was eliminated. Its elimination resulted not from a decline in the popularity or perceived value of statistical compilations, but from the need to reduce agency spending while supporting new and existing data collection efforts.

ProQuest has now taken on responsibility for updating and releasing this publication, the most used statistical reference tool in U.S. libraries. We bring to this task 35 years experience acquiring, abstracting, and indexing federal government statistical publications and tables.

The Statistical Abstract of the United States is also available online. To learn more click here.

Reviews and Recommendations

“… this is an indispensable purchase for all libraries. Summing Up: Essential.”

      Choice (June 2013)

Award Winner, A Core Collections Star Title

      EBSCO (May 2013)

Award Winner, Best Reference of 2012

      Library Journal (December 2012)

“Long live the Stat Abstract. . . .[I'm] a fanatical booster of the Statistical Abstract of the United States, which . . . collected the most complete and compact set of statistics about this country that has ever existed and probably ever will.”

      Washington Post

ProQuest rescued Statistical Abstracts after the Census Bureau announced in 2011 that it would cease publication. Following the earlier editions, this venerable reference source is still one large volume with more than 1,000 pages. Updates abound, with a list of new tables including 'Young Adults Living at Home by Sex and Age'; 'Top 15 Cancers among Men and Women by Race and Ethnicity'; and 'Reading in Print, Electronic and Audio Formats among Adults by Selected Characteristics.' These and numerous other statistics make Statistical Abstract of the United States a necessary and reasonably priced source at the reference desk in any library.


Patrons in need of serious data on the United States, including nitty-gritty on the lives of its inhabitants, need look no further than Statistical Abstract (ProQuest and Bernan, Jan.), but the book is also a browser’s dream, offering a mature alternative for those who’ve outgrown Guinness Book of World Records and your library’s various almanacs. It’ll be a welcome addition, too, for patrons tired of the bloviated Internet rhetoric that can’t stand up to table after table on such topics as school crime and safety, campaign finances, corporate profits, and immigration..... The careful presentation of this work is a joy to behold. Each section of statistics is preceded by an overview describing the sources of the numbers and offering further-reading leads where appropriate; appendixes provide more such detail as well as the happily retro, self-effacing (if statistically standard) “Limitations of the Data.”

      Library Journal (February 2013)

ProQuest and Bernan are to be congratulated for continuing to provide librarians and users necessary statistical information. The publishers have succeeded in giving researchers of any age statistics at a reasonable price in print and online.

      Booklist (April 15, 2013)

"The Stat Abstract lives! Here’s a story with a happy ending: The Statistical Abstract of the United States — which seemed destined for history’s morgue — has survived… The Stat Abstract, I wrote, has two outstanding virtues: “First, it conveniently presents in one place a huge amount of information from a vast array of government and private sources... Second, the footnotes show where to get more information.”

      Robert Samuelson, The Washington Post (December 12, 2012)

A treasure trove of interesting, odd and illuminating statistics is revealed in the Statistical Abstract of the United States.

      New York Post (December 21, 2012)

Award Winner, Outstanding Academic Title of 2013

      CHOICE, January 2014

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2003, 123rd Edition
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2002, 122nd Edition
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