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For over 150 years the United States Nautical Almanac Office has published The Nautical Almanac, first as part of the American Ephemeris and Nautical Almanac, and then on its own, to provide the US Navy with a convenient form of the astronomical data used for celestial navigation. This book is still the standard resource for marine celestial navigation for the U.S. Navy.

The Nautical Almanac provides essential astronomical information for every kind of sea-going vessel, from cruise liners to fishing boats. It is fully comprehensive, containing a set of concise sight reduction tables for the navigator, together with all the necessary information needed for use in determining the position at sea from sextant observations.

Nautical Almanac is essential for astro-navigation and used by many astro-teaching courses.

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 Publish Date: 5/12/2016  Collation: 361p. Binding: Hardcover
 ISBN: 9780160932137  Price: $48.00
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 Publish Date: 8/17/2015  Collation: 362p. Binding: Hardcover
 ISBN: 9780160927522  Price: $48.00
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 Publish Date: 6/10/2014 Binding: Hardcover
 ISBN: 9780160923814  Price: $51.00
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 Publish Date: 5/17/2013  Collation: 400p. Binding: Hardcover
 ISBN: 9780160917561  Price: $48.00
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 Publish Date: 5/16/2012  Collation: 369p. Binding: Hardcover
 ISBN: 9780160902994  Price: $39.00
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 Publish Date: 5/17/2011  Collation: 3560p. Binding: Hardcover
 ISBN: 9780160882098  Price: $33.00
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 Publish Date: 8/23/2010  Collation: 356p. Binding: Hardcover
 ISBN: 9780160853265  Price: $43.00
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 Publish Date: 5/11/2009  Collation: 358p. Binding: Hardcover
 ISBN: 9780160829727  Price: $37.00
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 Publish Date: 4/11/2008  Collation: 355p. Binding: Hardcover
 ISBN: 9780160801952  Price: $36.00
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 Publish Date: 5/3/2006  Collation: 355p. Binding: Paperback
 ISBN: 9780160757167  Price: $26.50
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 Publish Date: 5/18/2005  Collation: 355p. Binding: Paperback
 ISBN: 9780160724510  Price: $47.50
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 Publish Date: 4/7/2004  Collation: 352p. Binding: Hardcover
 ISBN: 9780160515811  Price: $43.00
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 Publish Date: 4/14/2003  Collation: 350p. Binding: Hardcover
 ISBN: 9780160513022  Price: $41.00
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 Publish Date: 3/20/2002  Collation: 356p. Binding: Hardcover
 ISBN: 9780160510427  Price: $10.50
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 Publish Date: 4/1/2001  Collation: 360p. Binding: Paperback
 ISBN: 9780160506475  Price: $40.00
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