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World's Heritage - A Guide to all 981 UNESCO World Heritage Sites
The World’s Heritage is the ultimate book for those interested in the world’s spectacles, those wishing to traverse the globe, and those who would like to understand the planet better. This unique guide to all 981 UNESCO World Heritage sites is illustrated with over 650 stunning full-colour photographs and location maps for every site. The prestigious list includes some of the most celebrated and breathtaking places on earth.
Human Development Report:
This new report examines vulnerabilities that endanger human development. Most threats are structural and persistent and linked with life cycle vulnerabilities. Identifying policy measures to reduce threats and increase human resilience is therefore a high priority. The report sets out proposals to maintain and strengthen human capabilities, full employment and social protection policies.
World Drug Report
The World Drug Report presents a comprehensive overview of the latest developments in drug markets. It covers production, trafficking, consumption and the related health consequences. Chapter 1 of this year’s Report examines the global situation and the latest trends in the different drug markets and the extent of illicit drug use, as well as the related health impact. Chapter 2 addresses the issue of precursor control, which has gained in prominence given the growing manufacture of synthetic drugs.

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